Images by Digital Willy - Taken at the Greg Price Glamour Workshop

Greg Price Work Shops
Images from Workshop #185 - Metuchen NJ - Studio 212

April 3,  2005

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Glamour Model Tiffany Rose
Galmour MOdel Ann
Galmour Model Barbie
Glamour Model Ann
Glamour Model Vera
Glamour Model Dina
Glamour Model Vera
Glamour Model Annakae :Ann"
Glamour Model Vera
Glamour Model Anna
Glamour Model VeraLynn
Editing by 3D salamandar
Glamour Model Vera
Glamour Model Ann - 3D editing my 3Dsalamanda
6 Models
  Annikae, Barbie, Dina. Laurie, Tiffany Rose,  VeraLynn

3D editing by 3DSalamadar

Sorry I am late in getting these image up - Been real busy but check back everyday
I do have some cool shots from this workshop - just need the time to post them

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